Machine body: Stainless stell – INOX finish

II-type / VI-type impulse sealing machines with stainless steel machine body. Suitable for food,-pharmaceutical and chemical industry applications.

Perfect look that reflects the quality - is one of the key aspects that our engineers have in mind when they develop a product. We do not accept even the slightest compromise in high quality and top appearance.

The entire machine is designed to assure the highest safety. The machine body and the connecting parts are mounted so precisely, that there is not even a single gap between them. No free running cables and no openings on the machine frame. It all serves the safety!

The sealing bar of each II-type / VI-type stainless steel impulse heat sealer is made out of ultra strong magnesium aluminum profile. This technology assures super strong base and absolute flat surface for the special designed industrial impulse sealing wire. In parallel we guarantee with the special designed aluminium ribs inside the sealing bar also a proper and fast cooling of the sealing wires after the sealing cycle is finished.

Machine color and surface treatment:
Machine body – stainless steel – INOX
Sealing bar – anodized aluminium

IP protection class: IP 32 [IP]

Working safety:

* IP 32 protection class
* The machine corresponds to all effective EU regulations
* The machine has got CE certificate
* Hacona produces all the products according to the ISO 9001 Quality - and ISO 14001 Environmental Control System