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KLT box vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging of micro electronic parts with gas flushing

Vacuum packaging of sensitive electrical parts

Dried nuts modified atmosphere packaging - MAP

Bulk chicken modified atmosphere packaging

How to reduce storage and transport volume with vacuum packaging and Hacona V-type machine

Super strong sealing

V-type - Vacuum packing battery pack - automobile parts

VI-type vacuum packaging machine for meat bulk packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Bacon / meat processing

V-type - Nuts vacuum packaging with gas flushing

V-type - Packing PAL System Vials

V-type - Industrial foam packing with vacuum packaging machine

V-type - Mattress packing with vacuum packaging machine - to compress mattresses

V-type - Mattress packing with vacuum packaging machine and manual fold and roll up



Super strong sealing

Large industrial impulse sealer for pharmaceutical industry 100



Pack screws and nuts with S-type semi-automatic impulse sealer

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